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It describes the top priorities, plans and programs to implement changes, as well as publishes their progress reports. Now everyone can observe how these reforms progress.

To reform forces in the environment of on-going war warfare is an extremely challenging task, particularly in view of ambitious goals related to the transitioning to NATO standards before 2020. The establishment of effective, professional, well-trained and equipped army is key for ensuring security of all of us.

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How are Armed forces of Ukraine reformed?

In 2015 the Ministry of defense of Ukraine focused mainly on key priorities in view of the active phase of warfare. Today, however, the reform has moved to a systemic level, and therefore, according to the plans that have been approved recently, actually all aspects of activities in armed forces shall be subject to changes, including the command system, logistics, armaments, housing, military medicine, automation et al.
The principal objective is to have all key functions of defense forces transitioned to NATO standards before 2020, which means quality based transformation of Armed forces of Ukraine. The current vision of reform is outlined in strategic defense planning documents that have already been signed by the President:
  • National Security Strategy
  • Military Doctrine
  • Strategic Defense Bulletin
What are the areas of reform?
This chapter contains information on the major areas of the systemic reform,

goals, plans and expected results for each area.

The defense reform is expected to result in the establishment by 2020 of effective, mobile defense forces and equipped with modern weapons, military and special hardware, able to guarantee national defense and provide an adequate and flexible response to military threats to the national security Ukraine sustainably using the available potential (capabilities) and resources of the nation.

Based on the objectives of the defense reform, 28 operational objectives for the reform have been identified and split into five strategic directions:

Reforms Committee

Reforms Committee headed by the Minister of Defence, is deputy chief of the General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister. The committee includes Deputy Minister of Defence and Chief of General Staff, People's Deputies of Ukraine, representatives of NATO, Advisor to the Minister of Defence, representatives of volunteers and project office reforms.

How do international partners assist?
The reforms in Armed forces of Ukraine are comprehensively supported by many countries and international organizations across the world. Cooperation with international partners covers a range of areas, including advisory support, development of joint training programs for Ukrainian military personnel, development of legislative initiatives, technical assistance etc.
  • Partnership with NATO

    Ukraine continuously enhances cooperation with North Atlantic Treaty Organization and builds up the new army in line with NATO standards. Advisors from organizations are actively involved in the development of defense reform policies, and the Alliance member-nations provide financial support to reforms through the mechanism of trust funds.

  • Joint Multinational Coordination Committee

    The mission of the Committee of representatives of 4 partner-nations of Ukraine is to facilitate the development of defense capabilities of our state. The Committee focuses on the implementation of effective management approaches in defense and security agencies, as well as coordination of the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine’s (JMTG-U) efforts.

  • Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine

    Achievement of interoperability with NATO forces is only possible, if up-to-date approaches to the training of Ukrainian military personnel are implemented. Presently the military personnel of Armed forces of Ukraine have an opportunity to be trained under coordination of highly skilled trainers from NATO nations.

  • Bilateral programs

    Military aggression against Ukraine is countered not only on fighting grounds, but also at diplomatic levels. The Ministry of defense of Ukraine maintains continuous dialog with partner nations and develops effective cooperation plans that foster building up of security capabilities of the state.

What is the involvement of civil society?
The civil society in Ukraine plays an extremely active role in the development and activities of armed forces. Military aggression has affected the lives of millions. Nevertheless, having withstood the enemy, Ukrainian people has become a key actor in building up the army, which is a crucial factor of its success.
  • Civilian control

    Civilian control over armed forces and defense sector is an essential indication of a democratic country. Advanced civilian control effectively ensures execution by armed forces of the will of civil society and will foster transformation of the army into an open and comprehensible for the public structure serving exclusively in the interests of Ukrainian people. The implementation of up-to-date concepts of civilian control is a particularly critical element of the reform.

  • Volunteers

    The phenomenon of Ukrainian volunteers has already acquired a global significance. Tens of thousands have provided great support to the armed forces, and this contribution has played a key role in retention of the country. The involvement of volunteers in the development and reform of Armed forces has also been decisive, considering that they were the ones who led the process of transformations.

  • Sponsorship

    Thousands and millions of known and unknown donors have contributed materials and money to support the armed forces during the most challenging period of time. Also, significant support is provided to foster transition of the army towards the best global standards. Many initiatives have been implemented via sponsorship.

About Reforms Office

The Reforms Project Office is a group of volunteers and civil experts that created a team to support the reform of Armed forces of Ukraine through the implementation of reform projects and coordination of systemic changes.
The Office exists as an advisory entity according to the direction of Minister of defense of Ukraine, and it is actively involved in all areas of reform, coordinates the efforts of Reform Committee, and also, effectively cooperates with representatives of civil society and international partners.

Reforms Projects

In addition to active involvement in systemic reform processes,
the Reforms Project Office also implements specific initiatives and projects focusing on most crucial issues, such as:

What’s next?


Clear detailed plans. Detailed plans and schedules, including interim objectives, milestones, resources and responsible entities will be completed for each area. This site will publish subject information in an accessible and comprehensible format.


Reports from continuous monitoring of the progress of AFU reform programs will honestly and objectively be made available to public on this web-site. We will identify and respond to the divergences from reform programs and strategies, if necessary.

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