Civilian control


Civilian control of armed forces and defense sector is a crucial attribute of democracy. It ensures that the army will execute the will of civil society, and that it will be an open and transparent structure serving exclusively in the interests of the nation. Implementation of up-to-date concepts of civilian control of Armed forces of Ukraine is a particularly critical part of reform.

Democratic civilian control provides for intensified parliamentary control, civilian leadership at the Ministry of defense, more significant role of civil servants and employees at the Ministry of defense, as well as public involvement in the activities of uniformed services.

Today civilian control in Ukraine is exceedingly strong, particularly considering the contribution made by volunteers, non-for-profit and non-governmental organizations, public leaders, activists and mass media. However, all civilian control related reforms need to be developed, and its existence and significance need to be communicated to the public and the military.

The Project Office of Reforms with its primarily civilian staff is also one of the forms of civilian control.