Command and Control of the Defense Forces


Strategic Goal:

Unified direction of the defense forces in line with the principles and standards adopted by NATO nations.

Expected result:

A defense forces management system is established based on the new division of authorities, functions, tasks, duties and responsibilities in the area of defense in line with the principles of NATO member-states.

Operational Objectives:

1. Democratic civilian control of defense forces by increasing effectiveness of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and strengthening relations with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and civil society.

  • Expected results:

- Effective organization of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff structured in line with the best NATO practices that ensures the maximum effect from the use of resources and performance of defense tasks as set out in the national strategic defense plans.
- In addition, the updated hierarchical management structure must be consistent with the principles of democratic civilian control over the defense sector and the Armed Forces that will ensure a comprehensive process of effective cooperation and coordination between all the links and entities of the security and defense system.
- An increased democratic civilian control over the defense forces will allow to develop a prospective command and control system based on the new distribution of authorities, functions and tasks that will meet the NATO principles.

2. Improvement of the defense forces governance system.

  • Expected result:

an effective governance system established in accordance with Euro-Atlantic standards that supports initiatives and gives more independence to heads of the defense forces management bodies of all levels in taking management decisions; increased coordination of the components of defense forces and adopted mechanism for their consolidated development; necessary operational capabilities are achieved in support of the national defense.

3. Improvement of the command and control system of the defense forces through the separation of troops (force) formation and training from their employment.

  • Expected result:

the functions, tasks and authorities of the strategic and operational level officials are standardized; an organizational structure of the defense forces command and control adopted in the NATO member-states is introduced.

4. Establishment of an effective operational (combat) command and control, communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) system.

  • Expected result:

wstablished the national telecommunication network; the systems of special communications, agency info-telecom networks and communication systems of the governmental command and control points are modernized and transferred to modern digital technologies; an automated C4ISR system of the components of defense forces established in accordance with NATO standards, doctrines and recommendations and integrated into the defense resources management system.

5. Improvement of the cyber defense and information protection system.

  • Expected result:

within the Ministry of Defense and other components of the defense sector, units responsible for cyber protection, countering technical intelligence, introducing actions to protect information based on the regulations of Ukraine, NATO standards and ISO/IEC have been established.

6. Increasing the effectiveness of the existing anti-corruption agencies and independent control institutions in order to reduce corruption risks in the activities of the defense forces.

  • Expected result:

integrated processes and rules that foster the culture of anti-corruption and good governance that meets international standards have been introduced; Unified MOD and AFU integrity building system has been established.

7. Establishment and development of strategic communications capabilities of the defense forces as a part of the national and inter-agency strategic communications system focused on support the development and implementation of the security and defense policies of Ukraine and achievement of national defense goals.

  • Expected result:

established communication capabilities on strategic, operational and tactical levels, which ensure that StratCom is integrated and supported at all levels of security and defense policy planning and implementation.