Integrated Logistics and Medical Support System


Strategic Goal:

An integrated logistics and medical support systems capable of supporting all the components of defense forces.

Expected results:

A single effective logistics system of defense forces is established in accordance with NATO guidelines, standards and instructions on logistics, the logistics management system is developed for defense forces, and available logistical stocks are stored in consistency with the standards that allow to perform assigned tasks in the time of war (special period) and peace.

Operational Objectives:

1. Improving logistics support of the defense forces.

Expected results:

  • A single effective logistics and supply system of defense forces for the time of peace and special period is established; modern systems and technologies for comprehensive support of troops (forces), automated management and accounting systems are established for weapons and military hardware, rockets, ammunition and supplies in line with Task 1.4.8.
  • A "J" structure of military command bodies is introduced in line with NATO standards, which are responsible for logistics support of AFU. Within such structure, strategic and operational functions of logistics support of military command bodies are separated. The NATO system of supply grades is adopted.


2. Building a medical support system to provide necessary medical assistance for all the tasks of the defense forces.

Expected results:

  • The medical support system is established; it is capable of providing an appropriate level of medical support to all the tasks of defense forces of Ukraine, functions in accordance with NATO standards and contributes to interoperable medical capabilities during joint operations with NATO.
  • Necessary capabilities are achieved to search for the injured, their medical evacuation and provision of necessary support and treatment.
  • Military medical services have introduced modern technology of medical assistance and treatment of the injured in line with standards, clinical pathways and other health care standards.
  • The use of capabilities of the national healthcare system for provision of medical assistance, treatment and rehabilitation to the injured within a single medical space has been regulated.
  • A system for medical rehabilitation is established for the recovery of physical, psychological and social functions to return to military service or for social or labor adaptation.
  • A system of training and retraining of military-medical personnel for the defense forces has been improved.
  • Military medical training is provided for effective mastering of medical assistance provision in case of a combat injury (pathology).
  • A medical information system of the defense forces components covering all the stages of medical evacuation and management of patient flows is established in line with NATO standards, doctrines and recommendations.
  • Partnership Goal G5404 on the reform of military medical system is accomplished..