Foreign senior advisors John Abizaid and Nick Parker visit the ATO zone

The aim of their visit was to survey the situation on the ground and to speak with military personnel, especially those who were trained by foreign instructors at one of the training centres in the Lviv oblast, and gauge the needs of the Ukrainian army in terms of equipment and training by foreign instructors.

The foreign advisors spoke with the command of the “Donetsk” Operational and Tactical Group and a highly mobile airborne brigade about the operational situation in the region and the enemy’s tactics. 

The advisors were also interested in logistical support and medical evacuation.

After being briefed, John Abizaid and Nick Parker visited one of the brigade’s command posts where the battalion had been trained by foreign instructors. They were interested to learn from the soldiers what skills were most needed in combat, and what kind of additional training they required.

“You are well trained and your morale is high. You should be proud to serve the nation during war,” General John Abizaid said to the Ukrainian soldiers.