Diana Petrenia Becomes New Head Of MOD Reforms Project Office

The Ministry of Defence Reforms Project Office announces a change in director.

As of June 21, Diana Petrenia, who until now managed food reform in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is the new director.

“Since April of this year, the Reforms Project Office will focus on the most important areas of change in the Ukrainian army: reform of the sergeant corps, food, project management, military education, procurement and combat medicine,” said Petrenia. “The goal of these strategic projects is to achieve positive and irreversible changes in our army to increase our combat capabilities.”

The other projects that were in the portfolio of the Reforms Project Office until April 2018 after pilot testing were transferred to relevant departments of the Ministry of Defence.

Further work on developing a concept of civilian democratic control will be done by the MOD and OSCE.

In addition, the Reforms Project Office under the leadership of Diana Petrenia will continue to take part in meetings of the Reforms Committee and work in its subcommittees and working groups.

Diana Petrenia is available for interviews and comments (contact person from the Reforms Project Office: Oleksiy Gordeev, o.gordeev@stratcomua.org, 096 951 91 28).