Defense Ministry reported on the progress of reforms

Course Reform the Armed Forces in 2015 and tasks for reforming the army in 2016 discussed in Kyiv on December 25 at a meeting of reforms at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The meeting was attended by Minister of Defence of Ukraine Army General Stepan Poltorak, higher management staff of the Ministry of Defence, representatives of the Office of the Reform Project of the Ministry of Defence and volunteers.

Opening the meeting, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak stressed the need for comprehensive reform of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. This requires new Military Doctrine of Ukraine, which provides a full transition to NATO standards by 2020. Steering function in the process of reform must take reforms Defense Council, the Minister and stressed that one of the principles of a modern army - is civilian control over the military.

At a press briefing before the meeting Chairman of the reforms, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yuriy Gusev reported on the progress of reforms in the Defense Ministry. In 2015, the office of the Reform Project worked on 11 projects in four areas: reforming the system of financial support, public procurement system, health system and public enterprises Ministry of Defence. Three projects executed by 100%, introduced a system of e-procurement in the Department of Public Procurement MOU, the Center for development and maintenance of financial security MAT, experimental verification is complete implementation automation of medical assets Armed Forces.

According to the Head of Project Office reforms Andrew Defense Zahorodniuk, in 2016, plans to launch pilot projects for evacuation support, the creation of centers of service military, begin the reform of housing for servicemen and others. Number of areas will increase significantly and provide a comprehensive approach to reform. To work on projects involved soldiers that were trained in NATO and Allies, civilian advisers and volunteers, experts from NATO and NATO organizations.