MOD`s Reforms Project Office Now Focuses on 6 High-Priority Areas

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine`s Reforms Project Office moves on to the next stage of implementing system-wide projects in the defence sector.

From April 2018, it concentrates on projects that are consistent with the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Defence for 2018, namely:

1. Reform of the NCO Corps

2. Food Supply Reform

3. Project Management

4. Reform of Military Education

5. Procurement Reform

6. Reform of Combat Medicine

We focus on these areas for the sole purpose –  to achieve rapid and inevitable changes in the Armed Forces as well as to make our troops even more capable and battle-ready, sustaining effective cooperation with other departments of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The rest of the projects that the Reforms Project Office has been working on until April 2018, are now out of the pilot stage and have been transferred to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine for implementation. The concept of civilian democratic control in the Ukrainian Armed Forces is now being developed by the Ukrainian MOD and the OSCE.

In spite of the changes in its scope, Reforms Project Office will continue to participate in the meetings of the Reforms Committee and work in its subcommittees and working groups.