"The reform of proprietary software we rely on the best world experience"

In early December 2015 in Odessa at the 46th United Center software testing project started with the automation of the needs and inventory of property in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of this "pilot", its progress and prospects of reforming logistics service to readers the real "People's Army" said its leader, a member of the reform project office at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Victoria Maps.

- The main goal of our project is very close and understand each Ukrainian soldier we work out a system of functioning of the real life, in which all military personnel receive appropriate them clothes, underwear, shoes and equipment on time, in full and required size.

- What is this?

- Before answering this question, let's find out where and what is not?

- Terms reception, lack of required sizes ...

- That's right, one of the main problems of the current system of proprietary software is that that soldier was due to the property rear service spends five (at best) to twenty or more days. It's too big and obvious term, a serious problem, and it is directly related to combat readiness.

Another, in our view, equally serious flaw of the system operating algorithm proprietary software - the lack of planning dimensional grid. This leads to the fact that people do not receive timely way the required size. This is a very common phenomenon: in the military unit arrives uniform in the amount specified in the application, even those sizes, which ordered rechovyky parts. Why is this happening, submitted in the application and actually required dimensions do not match? It turns out that making the order, officials are guided by no real need based on the size of a particular fighter clothing, and operating from the Soviet era regulations, which essentially "by eye" are defined planning needs in various sizes.

Such planning leads to that accumulated in the warehouses so-called "remains valid". Under certain conditions, they could be directed to another military unit that has need them, but the problem is that quickly get information on these remains and even on the movement of real estate is difficult because records are maintained in paper form. So complete picture as to which components are available, the relevant services are (Warning) quarterly.

As a result, the military again not provided proper time property, and the government ordered manufacturers of clothing or shoes of sizes, which supposedly lack. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself - problems should be sought in the automation of needs and available stocks, creating within all armed forces unified information platform account of real estate, simplifying procedures for ordering and delivery. Only in this way we can shorten delivery time clothing and equipment to the military unit and eventually provide them promptly each individual soldier in his individual sizes.

- How does the proposed automate this process?

- The first phase of what we offer now starts practiced in Odessa at the 46th REC and warehouses proprietary property of 79th separate airborne and 160 th Artillery Brigade. Currently, these pilot sites we practicing prototype single automated system that later in advanced form will hopefully scalable across all the Armed Forces. Each batch of real property that is stored in the vaults of the 46th REC comes back or is directed to certain military units will be accounted electronically and entered in a secure automated system. This movement of property and it remains at REC - brigade relevant professionals can effectively track online.

The next step in late January - early February of the new year, we plan to provide each serviceman pilot parts of individual electronic cards, on which the chip is entered all the information on his personal settings and the current availability of these terms of issue of a proprietary property of others. Thus we get the opportunity to address planning needs to provide real estate.

- And when we can expect the automated system will work to scale the Armed Forces?

- In fact, to talk about any dates too early, given the global scope of the work that remains to do. To understand note that before running a pilot project in the active phase, we had to make a codification of real property necessary system configuration, build a communication network that provides information security system, convert data into electronic form for the issuance of real property in certain parts, to audit that was stored in their warehouses and storage facilities in the base to prepare the corresponding IT structure, technical documentation. Continuing education users. And this is only part of the tasks to be performed. Ahead much more work. For example, on an individual ID-card fighter. Its introduction depends not only on the results of our project. We opratsovuvatymemo only issues related to real estate. In general, it will be recorded and other parameters that are currently defined pilot projects in parallel - on health care, nutrition, housing, etc ...

- During the presentation you stressed that the automated system of assets of delayed synchronization can be used in the field, and it will ensure the relevance and timeliness of information even during warfare ...

- Exactly. The point is that each unit will have staff sergeant electronic tablet with relevant business information on the state of security personnel division real property and thus can as quickly as possible submit a proprietary service of the application for a particular property. I understand that today these words can be perceived as science fiction, but note: hard to make a bright future was just around the corner, we very much and I believe working on.

In fact, all that we are going to offer and doing well established itself in the armies of our partner countries, so we rely on their expertise, rather than inventing your own bike.

- Thank you for the interview.

Interviewed by Ivan Stupak

Source: People's Army