Partnership with NATO

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and abandonment of the non-block status have fostered the enhancement of political dialogue between Ukraine and NATO. It is a priority for Ukraine to achieve full coherence in security and defense sectors with the relevant elements of NATO member-nations. Achievement of this goal is to ensure Ukraine’s membership in North Atlantic Treaty Organization and effective guarantees of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state.

Primary areas of cooperation with NATO in defense sector:

  • In 2015 Ukraine has resumed its involvement in the force planning and review process within the framework of Partnership for Peace Program to ensure harmonization of operational and defense planning with NATO member-nations, as well as to move towards meeting the uniform interoperability criteria. Within the framework of this area an updated Ukraine-NATO Partnership Goals package was developed and endorsed.

  • Representatives of Ukraine-NATO Joint Working Group on Defense Reform and international advisors from NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine developed the Strategic Defense Bulletin to become a defense reform roadmap. On 6 June 2016 this document was enacted by a Decree of the President of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine closely cooperates with the Alliance in terms of defense reform; first and foremost within the framework of Ukraine-NATO Annual National Cooperation Program, including with the support of five NATO Trust Funds that have been established to:

1. upgrade the command, control, communications and computer systems in AF Ukraine
2. support social adaptation of military personnel
3. improve the logistics and standardization system
4. cyber security
5. medical rehabilitation and prosthetics for military personnel wounded in the course of ATO

The system of trust funds enables NATO member nations to target financial assistance to Ukraine to specific areas of reform.

Multinational Joint Commission

The Multinational Joint Commission on military cooperation and defense reform was established to support reforming in defense sector and also, development of advanced military training programs for Armed forces of Ukraine. The primary objective of the Joint Commission is to develop and implement effective tools supporting the interaction between defense and law-enforcement agencies of Ukraine and partner nations in the process of their reform.

The Multinational Joint Commission on military cooperation and defense planning includes representatives of Ukraine, USA, UK, Canada and Lithuania. Currently focus on the most critical areas of force components’ reform and development. The Multinational Joint Commission also coordinates the efforts of Joint Multinational Training Working Group - Ukraine.

Joint Multinational Training Group - Ukraine

The Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine is viewed by Ukrainian party as the most effective tool of practical assistance to Armed forces of Ukraine. This Group focuses on the training of AFU’s units in line with NATO standards and policies. Step-by-step training involves rotations and direct participation of units and trainers from partner nations at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in Yavoriv.

In 2016 the US trainers will train over 4 thousand military personnel under this program. Same number under a similar program will be trained by UK trainers.

Bilateral programs

As conflict escalation in the east of Ukraine continues, international cooperation of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine focuses on diplomatic leverages in the military and political spheres, numerous consultations and meetings to draw attention of the global community to aggressive foreign policy of Russian Federation against Ukraine. Agreements between Ukraine and partner nations are incorporated in annual bilateral cooperation programs and plans that also stipulate for technical, training and advisory assistance.