Resource Planning and Management


Strategic Goal:

An effective policy, planning and resource management system in the defense sector based on modern Euro-Atlantic approaches.

The development of defense planning as part of the national defense and security planning system will provide for a clear division of responsibilities among public agencies with regard to planning activity within the assigned mandates as well as the introduction of modern methods used by the Alliance to improve their own defense capabilities, particularly the principle of "comprehensive approach to defense", capability-based planning, mission-oriented training and logistics support to meet the national defense needs.

Implementation of effective planning models in the defense and government reserve sector will promote a realistic approach to the achievement of reform goals through identification of clear priorities and objectives in coordination with the existing amount of resources thus minimizing the risks associated with the corruption and losses.

Expected result:

The processes of policy development, resource planning and management are harmonized with the Euro-Atlantic principles and ensure creation of adequately trained, equipped and supported defense forces capable of effectively performing the tasks that are set out in the strategic documents on the national security of Ukraine, defending Ukraine and participating in international peacekeeping and security operations through the development of necessary capabilities within the available resources.

Operational Objectives:

1. Introduce the process of defense planning in the defense sector in line with Euro-Atlantic principles and approaches.

  • Expected result:

experts of NATO and EU provide advice on defense and budget planning. The defense planning system aligned with the public forecasting and strategic planning system. Guidelines on long-term defense planning considered and approved.


2.Establishment of an integrated risk management system as part of the defense planning system.

  • Expected result:

an integrated risk management system established to avoid strategic mistakes that may result in significant future losses (excessive financial spendings, inefficient use of national economic potential, etc.), to support the decision-making in the long, medium and short term, to increase the quality of defense planning in the components of the defense forces, to prepare the corresponding documents on defense planning, to support the establishment of necessary operational (combat, special) capabilities of the components of defense forces that will guarantee military security and national defense.


3. Establishment of the capabilities development planning for the defense forces.

  • Expected result:

planning of the defense forces capabilities development will help to systematize the procedures and documents on defense planning, improve the quality of preparation of the defense budget of Ukraine, establish a mechanism, based on NATO nations practices, to oversee the achievement of the determined capabilities of the defense forces.


4. Introduction of Euro-Atlantic principles and approaches to budget planning into the budgetary policy in the defense area.

  • Expected result:

budget planning of the defense sector is harmonized with the national planning of socio-economic development and national defense and security planning; efficient allocation of expenditures for maintenance of troops (forces), operational needs and combat training, development and procurement of weapons, military and special hardware is introduced in accordance with the best practices of NATO.


5. Establishment of an integrated procurement system in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

  • Expected results:

- A new procurement system is established in accordance with the principles and approaches of European and NATO member-states; the electronic procurement system is used for all types of public procurement; it is open and transparent.
- Following recommendations of RAND Corporation and NATO analysis of discrepancies, procurement of conventional weapons is gradually moved to the area of public procurement through the public defense contract. A single unit responsible for support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (supporting the entire lifecycle of supplied items from procurement to disposal or sale as excessive property) was established).
- A system of delegation of authorities (to sign contracts with the break down by financial levels) and personalization of responsibility for the support by establishing an institute of customer authorized representatives as stipulated in the Law of Ukraine on public procurement has been introduced.
- System of integrated inter-agency project teams led by the authorized individuals that will be responsible for the purchase of different groups of supplies has been implemented.
- Centralized Procurement Organizations created on basis of four territorial operational commands in line with the law On Public Procurement, which make purchases for military units of the corresponding commands.
- The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has joined all the services and partnerships of the NSPA.


6. Improving the mechanism for preparation and implementation of the public defense contract.

  • Expected result:

a public defense contract is developed for a period of three years and can be adjusted on the annual basis; latest technologies are introduced in the production of military equipment; closed cycles of development and production of major types of weapons, military and special equipment are established; full independence of the production cycles on supplies of equipment, parts and materials from Russia is achieved.


7. Introducing the system to manage and develop infrastructure.

  • Expected result:

an updated system of military infrastructure management and its development contributes to the establishment of self-sustaining military bases that meet the specific operational needs; small-size and obscure field modules are provided to the units of the defense forces.


8. Relieving the Ministry of Defense from inappropriate functions.

  • Expected result:

according to an established procedure, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is relieved from the inappropriate functions, including management of public companies except for those performing the most important functions in the defense sector.