and Military Reserve


Strategic Goal:

Professionalization of the defense forces and establishing the necessary military reserve.

Expected results:

1) Necessary human potential of the Armed Forces and other components of defense forces is created with the professionally trained military personnel with high moral stature capable of performing complex professional military tasks in times of peace and special period;
2) Defense forces are manned with trained and motivated personnel;
3) The strategic reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is established, maintained and prepared for deployment; it is capable of conducting offensive (counter-offensive) operations, augmenting groupings of troops (forces) on the most dangerous areas, ensure rotation of troops (forces), their replenishment and replacement in case of loss of combat capability.

Operational Objectives:

1. Development of social and humanitarian support of personnel.

  • Expected result:

the mentality (mindset) of personnel is based on European values; the level of financial and other support of military personnel is brought into conformity with military service conditions (limitations and rights and freedoms specified in the law, existing risks to their life and health, social conditions); the military chaplain corps in the defense forces are designed on a multi-confessional basis.


2. Improvement of military education and personnel training system .

  • Expected result:

the military education system provides practical training; advanced training methods of NATO member states and distance learning process are introduced into the academic process; military schools are equipped with modern and advanced weapons and military hardware, simulators and training facilities.


3. Reforming the mobilization system and establishment of military reserve.

  • Expected result:

the national system of mobilization and mobilization-related training is based on fundamental European approaches. A military personnel reserve is established on basis of the experience gained in the course of establishing the first wave of the military operational reserve. A Unified State Register of conscripts is established to maintain military records of Ukrainian nationals; the system of training of reservists and conscripts functions effectively; territorial manning and social support centers are established on basis of military commissariats.


4. Establishment of modern HR management system .

  • Expected result:

an efficient ratio between different categories of defense forces personnel is achieved together with an effective career management system of military personnel; a transparent and fair system of recruitment, arrangement and appointment of personnel is in place.