The introduction of medical information system AFU

  • Problem

    Data on the wounded are still maintained and kept in paper form. As a result, information is often lost when transferring the wounded to the hospital to hospital, to ascertain the diagnosis spent valuable time that could have critical implications for the health and even the lives of the wounded. In addition, paper documentation makes it impossible to collect the statistics needed for analytics and planning.

  • Decision

    Create a unified health information system "E-health", where all the key data stored in one database on a secure server, connect to it all the medical institutions involved in the treatment of the wounded. So doctors will have access to the medical history of the wounded even before his hospitalization.

  • Done

  • prepared and conducted preliminary testing, pilot deployment of MIS at three sites formalized act and report preliminary tests
  • the system is connected Kyiv city hospital, Mariupol hospital emergency, Zaporizhzhya military hospital
  • for the project received a free license to use the software to 10,000 users from companies, "Dr Elex," "Kryptosoft" and "EfitkeyTeknolodzhis"
  • Next steps

  • trial operation and preliminary tests
  • coverage of 20 health facilities in the area ATO in May 2016