HIstory, mission and role

of Reforms Project Office

Reforms Project Office under Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
is a standing consultancy and advisory entity established by Order of Ministry of defense of Ukraine No. 426 dated 18 August 2015

The purpose of Reforms Project Office is to implement

systemic reforms of Armed forces of Ukraine.

Today the team consists of 40 professionals coming from volunteer and business environments that implement reforms in the area of economic activities, technical and medical support of AFU that have been approved by the Reform Council of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

Soon several new projects in other areas will be launched.


Since the beginning of military conflict in the east of Ukraine in spring 2014 volunteers have played a key role in supporting the Armed forces of Ukraine. Their efforts have been highly appreciated and supported by the government and the President of Ukraine, in particular.

In November 2014 eight volunteers from the Volonterskiy desant (Volunteer force) became consultants of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Their task was to enhance optimize the work of MOD and its elements, services and the Public Procurement Department in particular.

The Volonterskiy desant established a framework for institutional changes at MOD, and already at the beginning of 2015 the reforms and novelties began to acquire systemic nature. In August 2015 the Reforms Project Office was established based on the order of Minister of defense of Ukraine with the purpose of providing comprehensive support and expertise to the process of reforming the MOD.


The reforms addressed by the Reforms Project Office  shall improve AFU effectiveness through the implementation of best leadership practices of NATO nations at key functional units of Ministry of defense.

The Reforms Project Office operates based on project-oriented system: each reform is developed as a project with clear objectives and indicators. Initially a pilot project is implemented, then it is refined based on the outcomes of the pilot and scaled to apply to the overall system

Legal aspects

Reforms Project Office was established in August 2015 by Order No. 426 of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Each reform project is initiated pursuant to special orderd issued by the Minister and have official status within the Ministry. After that, it is passed on to employees and structural units of MOD for implementation.

Reforms Project Office reports to the Minister of Defense on an ongoing basis.