Strategic defense planning documents


The current vision of reform is outlined in strategic defense planning documents that have already been signed by the President.

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    National Security Strategy of Ukraine.

    The National Security Strategy of Ukraine was developed taking into account the long-term nature of Russian aggression, as well as other fundamental changes in the external and internal environment.

    The new Strategy focuses on the implementation of national security priorities set out therein, as well as reforms envisioned in the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and the Ukraine-2020 Sustainable Development Strategy before 2020.

    Key objectives of the Strategy:
    1) To address the state sovereignty related threats and create conditions to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine
    2) Ensure peaceful future for Ukraine
    3) Ensure the new quality of economic, social and humanitarian development
    4) Integration of Ukraine to the European Union and NATO

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    Military doctrine of Ukraine

    Military Doctrine is a combination of fundamental principles and guidelines on security of individual, nation and state. It determines the national policy of Ukraine in the field of defense.

    The previous edition was adopted in 2004. It was reviewed upon occupation of the Crimea and the start of an armed conflict in Ukraine in 2015.

    The new edition of the doctrine:
    1) Recognizes Russian Federation as military adversary of Ukraine
    2) Provides for comprehensive reform of the Security Sector
    3) Accounts for abolition of non-block status

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    Strategic Defence Bulletin

    Strategic Defence Bulletin is a roadmap for Defense Reform, which is based on Military Doctrine and Ukraine-NATO Partnership Goals.

    Strategic Defence Bulletin serves as a basis for:
    1) State Program of Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of Defense Forces
    2) State Target Defense Programs on the development of new models of weapons and military equipment, construction of military facilities, and fulfilment of other objectives in the field of defense