Ukrainian volunteers have already become a global phenomenon. Tens of thousands of people have made a lot of effort and contributions to support the armed forces, thus playing a key role in protecting the country. The involvement of volunteers in the development and reform of Armed forces has also been a driving factor, considering that they were the first ones to take a lead in the process of transformations.

In November 2014 about 10 representatives of the volunteer environment supported by the President and Minister of Defense of Ukraine were involved in the reform of Armed forces of Ukraine. They launched a movement known as ‘Volonterskiy Desant’ (Volunteer Force). Their mission was to strengthen and optimize the Ministry of defense, its components, and also some services. The Volunteer Force were involved in launching reforms in the areas of logistical support and supply systems of the Ministry of defense, transition to the e-procurement system and adjustment of approaches to catering and medical capacity of AFU’s components.

The Project Office of Reforms was established in August 2015 on the basis of Volunteer Force to provide expertise to facilitate the reform and project and program implementation processes. Subject matter civilian experts have also been involved in the processes supported by the Office.

Volunteers still play an active part in the efforts of Ministry of defense and development of Armed forces of Ukraine both as individual activists and representatives of volunteer organizations, or via a collective body of the Volunteer Council of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. The role of volunteers in terms of civilian control of Armed forces of Ukraine is still enormous.