Word from
the Minister of Defense


2014 and 2015 were particularly challenging for our country. While having to respond to the Russian aggression, Ukraine also had to restore its army’s combat effectiveness to protect its territorial integrity. We had to develop and improve legislation and other regulations covering the overall defense system. Currently the issue of building up the defense sector is one of top priorities for the state, and the level of security in Ukraine will rely upon how effectively we address this area.

We completed a comprehensive review of defense and security sector of Ukraine that resulted in the development of key strategic defense planning documents. Now we are shifting towards active phase of systemic reform of Ukrainian army.

The Strategic Defense Bulletin developed in close cooperation with a team of NATO advisers and international experts in security and defense areas has been approved. This document has become a roadmap for the overall defense reform.

To implement the subject reforms the ministry of defense of Ukraine established a Reform Committee that is responsible for 6 areas of reforming the Armed forces of Ukraine. This Committee will be fully transparent and subject to continuous civilian control by international advisors and experts, NATO Office and NGO’s.

The Reform Project Office, as a consultancy and advisory entity of MDU provides expertise in the areas of procurement, logistics, medicine and resource management. The Reform Project Office is directly involved in a range of reforms that are implemented by the Ministry of defense to fundamentally transform the situation with housing provision for military personnel and their families, military real property management, food supplies and catering, materiel and military medicine.

The transformations in our army that have already taken place have been commended and comprehensively supported by lead democratic nation of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

All of that inspires further effort and reform of Ukrainian defense agency. The defense reform is generally expected to create the 2020 relevant model of effective and mobile joint defense force provided with advanced weapon systems, military and special equipment.  


Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine  signature Stepan Poltorak